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Welcome to R.A.I.N. - The Reno Autism Information Network

RAIN is a group of mostly moms who met in a "More Than Words" training in the spring of 2003. We started meeting outside of class and found we all had a unique skill set to bring to the table. We have compiled all of the information we have gathered in this manual and now "meet" mostly through email, sharing the information we gain in conferences and on the net, keeping each other updated on local happenings, services and news and supporting each other. This way we can share information without having to get sitters! We have 4-6 meetings a year, mostly with guest speakers. Our meetings are not typical "support" meetings where there is a lot of negativity - we gather to share information and truly believe that there is power in numbers.

Email enables you to be as active as you choose to be - you can receive the information and remain fairly anonymous or join in on the fun. We also share information with the FEAT of the Carson Valley and the Southern Nevada FEAT, so we have an entire state's information at our fingertips. To be included, please send an email to one of the following email addresses or give us a call.

PLEASE: If you do not have email, please join our "call" list. If you are not interested in either the email or call list, PLEASE call us anyway and have your information added to our autism database. We would like to have an accurate listing of the families affected by autism in the state of Nevada. This will be kept confidential. We will use the list count for lobbying purposes and for informing the public of how severe this epidemic is. Our hope is to start a statewide quarterly newsletter in conjunction with the other autism groups in the state.

Documents for Download:

Autism Ribbon Cutout

Resouce Manual

Autism Information and Support Flier

Mission Statement:

RAIN's mission is to prevent others from having to "recreate the wheel." We provide newly diagnosed families with the local resources and information needed to immediately start helping their child and family. We help other families on the spectrum by arranging guest speakers and trainings, keeping the group up to date on autism happenings, and connecting families with others that have similar situations or need answers to specific problems. We are working with other autism groups to develop a statewide database of families on the spectrum so we can encourage the state and school districts to provide us with more services as an educated group.

Contact Information

Toni W. Richard

Robbin Vasquez

1985 Valley Rd.
Reno, NV 89512
isign3550@sbcglobal.net robbin@artassociates.com